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Monday, 14 January 2008


Students are able to gain an understanding of how different societal concerns will impact design decisions in interactive multimedia. Students are required to participate on a class electronic discussion bulletin board with the quantity of submitted posts forming a part of an assessment point. They are also assessed on a team project and a reflective written evaluation of the different forms of communication used in participating in a virtual project team.


EMIM said...

What is being taught?
Extract from EMIM site: "As we rapidly move into a digital world, paradigm shifts are impacting both our social and economic structure. This module will introduce you to issues such as: technology use in education; copyright concerns in a digital age; social and economic access to technology; privacy, and self identity in a digital environment; and the ever changing digital technology."

EMIM said...

Firstly I could not imagine what could be taught under this subject, I was quite confused. But I must admit that the materials gathered by teacher were just great, for example there was a topic like internet radios. I thought I knew all about it, a site like Digitally imported (http://www.di.fm) but actually our digital world has moved on. Form there I discovered that exists internet radios that play music that you like - total innovation. For example last.fm is internet radio that observes what you listen with you winamp, media player or iTunes and marks them down to see what you really like. And next time voullaa - it becomes your favorite radio because it plays the songs you subconsciously what to hear. Of course this just one example of what has been discussed during course so all you Digital learners - this is a must have course.